About us

Open1 originated in the UK and now has media coverage spanning the entire planet from Australia to the USA to France to Japan, a team of freedom loving people are bringing the truth to light. Open1 also assists people in a variety of other ways whether it be through the sharing of knowledge and inspiration, life coaching, personal development, spirituality and metaphysics, organising events for the community and much more.

We believe that change comes from within first, and then once we are at a good enough state of being, a high enough level of consciousness, then the actions and choices we make to help others will come from a more aligned place and have greater positive lasting impacts.

From knowledge comes power, from power comes the ability to mold the world as we see fit. Once enough of the freedom loving people become powerful enough we may just see a shift into a world much more harmonious with the spirit of a free humanity. Open1 is here to assist in that journey.

If you would like to get involved with Open1, we have a couple of options for people to help. The best thing to do would be to email info@open1.uk and share a little about what it is you would like to be involved with.

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