Big Brother Watch Launches Legal Challenge Against Covid Passports

Dec 25, 2021 | Activism, Covid-19

We have legal action mounting against covid passports in England. Big brother watch are leading the charge. This is great to see and exactly the kind of action we need. We have multiple tools in our toolbox to fight back and the legal/law realm is one of them. A recent court ruling in favour of Dr Saw White proved the freedom to challenge and criticise flawed covid policies is there.

It will be very interesting to see how this new legal challenge will roll out.

Pressure is mounting on the prime minister to drop Covid passes, Big Brother Watch, which works to “roll back the surveillance state”, said that if Mr Johnson does not scrap the Covid passes “we will seek to make our case in court”.

The group described the certification scheme, which requires members of the public to show either proof of a Covid-19 vaccination or a negative lateral flow test, as “draconian, discriminatory and pointless”.

But expressing concern the documentation requirement breaches the Human Rights Act and equality laws, the civil liberties group claimed that the certification will “make society less free, less equal and less accessible for people”.

Director Silkie Carlo added: “We face serious and evolving public health challenges. But Covid passes have been proven to fail in Scotland and Wales and will do nothing to protect people in England. This is safety theatre that carries real risk of harm, intrusion and division.

“There are far more effective measures to keep people safe than excluding healthy people without the right papers from society”.

“We urge the prime minister and health secretary to scrap mandatory Covid passes. If they don’t, we will seek to make our case in court.”

In a pre-action letter, the group, which launched similar action against the Welsh government last month, claimed there was “no, or no sufficient evidence” for the introduction of Covid passes and suggested that equality considerations “do not appear to have been taken into account”.

Big Brother Watch added that it will issue judicial review proceedings if it does not receive a “satisfactory” response from ministers by 6 January 2022.

We can keep our eyes on this case whilst continuing to take daily action in our own lives to fight back against the governments attempts to take away our freedoms, this fight is on multiple levels after all.




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