EP: 7 2 Year UK Activism Recap, is CO2 actually harmful for the environment? What is causing ‘Climate Change’ Piers Corbyn

May 8, 2022 | Activism, Covid-19, Podcast

Piers Corbyn joins Travis Cook on the Open1 podcast.


– The united front
– The origins of the huge momentum rallying against Covid regulations 
– The past 2 years in activism in the UK
– How the fight still continues
– Why does the UK not have Covid restrictions?
– Is CO2 actually bad or even a threat?
– What is causing the temperature changes on Earth. 
– How many times has Piers been arrested? 
– The power of activism
– The speed the activists of the UK came together
– 1-2m people at the peak protesting in London, we are all still here 
– The role of the Sun 


Watch the video on Odysee


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