Fluoride, Human Rights And Personal Development Open1 Update 01.02.22.

Feb 1, 2022 | Activism, Fluoride, Personal development

We must stop the attempts to artificially fluoridate our water supplies!

Also there is a consultation regarding the government trying to attack our human rights, we cannot take this one lying down either!


We have a powerful collective energy and a lot more awake people on our side so lets utilise our power.

Also it’s amazing how quickly people can turn things around, from deep sleeper to hosting his own public speaking event I was in a call recently with someone who turned it around, fast!

Personal development is also a crucial part in our fight, often overlooked in the activist world as all the focus is ‘out there’ however to truly be the best activist we must have our internal world in order.

I had a great first month of 2022, did you?

Let’s go UK and show the world how it’s done!



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