Is The UK Government Guilty Of Human Rights Violations?

Dec 27, 2021 | Covid-19, Law/Legal

Robin Monotti lays it all down in a simple short video suggesting that perhaps the government is guilty of human rights violations by breaching the Unesco universal Declaration of bioethics and human rights 2005. Specifically article 6 that clearly states that any preventive diagnostic or therapeutic consent is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person based on adequate information and if anyone chooses by their own free will to not give this informed consent then they are not allowed to suffer and disadvantage or prejudice.

Vaccine passports breach our universal and fundamental human rights and we do not have to accept them as a part of society. We at open1 have anti covid passport leaflets available to distribute locally to help our fight against covid passports. There is also a legal challenge that has been started by Big Brother watch. There are also protests happening all over the country which are often against covid passports.  The next Unite For Freedom protest is on the 31st of December, come have your voice heard!


Do you think Robin is talking sense in this short video? It would appear he is and is presenting clear facts in a calm and easy to understand way, the perfect content we need to continue our battle in this information war, a share to any still in the narrative may help trigger some critical thinking on the situation, well, we can hope anyway!

Just because the government is attempting to roll out something doesn’t mean that it will be successful. We have a really powerful and numerous activist movement here in the UK as can be seen by the Unite For Freedom anti lockdown protests over the summer which attracted hundreds of thousands, all those warriors haven’t gone anywhere and we can all take action to assist in this battle we are in, every action, no matter how small all compounds when done by so many of us.

Everyone can take action everyday, what will you do to assist our cause today?




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