Joy Warren – Fluoride Free Alliance UK Interview

Oct 9, 2021 | Activism, Fluoride

If you are concerned about the governments recent attempts to try and fluoridate the entire UK water supply then this interview is for you!

We cover

– Why we do not need fluoride in our water
– Where does fluoride come from?
– What is the difference between the different kinds of Fluoride compounds
– Is fluoridated water a medicine, or a food!?
– How Fluoride can reduce intelligence

– Practical steps to resist the fluoridation of our water supplies
– Fluoride and the endocrine system, specifically thyroid & pineal glands

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  1. Elaine

    I have an underactive thyroid and come from an area in Devon where there are a lot of women I know who have this and we are all in our 60’s now. Devon is not on the list for fluoride but I have checked with the water board and they say they do not use it at the moment. I have filtered and now distill my water. Only through looking at ways to improve my health. I don’t use shop toothpaste and stay under a shower for a very short time. I know people don’t know this and I have a friend with cancer who just believes everything the government does and says as being for the best. I am hoping that this will change.



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