Not just Iceland but Co-op too will not be enforcing masks at their stores

Nov 29, 2021 | Covid-19

Now we have 2 major chains not going along with the governments narrative. There’s no need for it and a lot of us know that by now!

Iceland and Coop are setting the standard for not going along with the pointless government ‘mandates’ will more now follow?

The Co-Op has said it would not be enforcing the use of face coverings and that customers will not be refused service at checkouts if they are not wearing one, reports The Sun.

Iceland’s managing director Richard Walker said his staff could not and should not be asked to intervene if they see a customer in the store who is not wearing a mask, reports The Daily Mail.

The owners of these establishments probably realise there is a big demand for mask free shopping so are catering too that, it’s good to see but it doesn’t phase us in the freedom fighter movement here in the UK who don’t wear them anyway!

We carry on casually maskless shopping, maintaining a good vibe not being drawn in by the attempts to drag us down,

I’m sure I speak for many when I feel more at ease when less people are wearing masks, not the opposite. The very sight of them covering otherwise beautiful human faces is grotesque.

Whats for sure though is some will go along with this, therefore our shopping and public transport experience may change slightly towards back were it once was but it doesn’t have to become a spiral into further fear, restrictions etc…

Especially if we understand how this is a war of the mind fought firstly individually, then collectively.

Smile at the people and beam positivity knowing that this knew moronic variant isn’t even worth the mental time of day.

Good job to the establishments here clearly taking a step in the right direction and may it inspire many other shops to do the same. We vote with our money. Let’s not forget  small local businesses which need our continual support and usually have better products anyway and benefit the local economy of the area. For sure many of them won’t be requiring masks!

And if you do happen to go to a supermarket and want to show off your bravery, get a video, send it to our instagram or Telegram and we can post your maskless shop on our channel.

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  1. Dixie

    Thank God people are waking up and rejecting this insanity.


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