Over 2 thirds of premier league players remain un-jabbed!

Oct 1, 2021 | Activism, Covid-19

Many top players of the premier league have refused to take the Jab.



This is very inspiring, many of the male population look to football players for inspiration and role models, hopefully this will help them to make an informed decision on whether or not to take the vaccine,  especially the younger generation.

This critical piece of new information should be shown to all children with the question, why are they refusing the jab?As our government recently overruled the JCVI

In spite of the JCVI decision that the balance of risk versus reward simply does not add up for children, the CMOs have decided to plough ahead. Chris Whitty’s reasons border on the incomprehensible. He cites ‘mental health’ and ‘avoiding educational disruption’ as good reasons for administering an experimental vaccine to children. He is seemingly unaware of the irony that he himself was responsible for shutting schools, which other countries’ experience has shown was totally unnecessary. Vaccinations are not a mental health intervention, neither are they an educational tool. On recent evidence, these particular injections do not even show the benefit of stopping you catching or spreading COVID-19. The total departure from fact and reason is extremely alarming.

It is now up to us to inform as many people as possible on the dangers of the jab. Thankfully so many freedom fighters around the UK are doing this and the activist movement continues to grow and evolve as people take the movement into their own hands. Local out reach is effective and if you need leaflets, we have some available here!


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