Serving notices to protect the children

Oct 14, 2021 | Activism

How to Serve Cease and Desist Notice

Serve the notice to: Child’s School’s Immunisation Service

1.  Find your local SAIS (School Aged Immunisation Services). They are tasked with poisoning the children in schools. Search online for “SAIS” and your County.

2.  Email SAIS or Print out the attached notice and hand it to them in person.

3.  If via email, then phone and follow up to ensure they received the notice.

Added bonus puts some extra pressure on them talking to the man or woman that has sent the notice. If their lines are getting calls all day  then they might start to push back at the government.

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Welcome to keep schools safe campaign

Download this document

Why we are asking for your help?

If you have landed here then we trust you want to stop the national roll out of the medical experiment on our children.

We started this summer with a bang and sent over 7,000 notices of liability to secondary schools, colleges and universities throughout the UK.

This definitely got their attention as it has been referenced in mainstream media quite a lot lately. They found our pressure groups ‘unhelpful’ and this is a massive win for us, besides being slightly ironic that they don’t like being pressured to change their behaviour considering what they are trying to do to our children.

We need to keep the pressure on. We believe our best hope to stop ‘It’ – It’ being the national roll out of covid vaccines in schools – is by massive collective action. Please aim to complete all 5 actions in 5 days and also tell everyone you know who has the same heart to do this to do the same.

It will shock ‘them’ deeply if hundreds of thousands of parents are all acting as one and adding their own individual voice to the collective cry to ‘Leave our kids alone!’

Please proceed to next section for an Overview.

5 actions in 5 days

Concerned parents here are the 5 things we want you to help us achieve quickly in the next 5-10 days. It is important we do something soon as ‘they’ are also moving rapidly to roll this out and even to indoctrinate our children to declare themselves competent in making a huge decision about a medical trial; Even to the point of pressuring them to say yes to the ‘V’.

These are the actions we want many, many parents to take:

  1. Spread the word – introduce the campaign to friends, family, influencers and tell them what we are about and why it is important that many parents take individual actions
  2. Prepare to make a stand – book your appointment with your headteachers, print out supporting materials, including Notices of Liability & watch the videos to help to be ready for anything
  3. Talk to your headteacher – for appointment day here are tips how to manage the conversation and ensure you get what you want out of the appointment
  4. Tell everyone how went – It is important we UI get your feedback on the spreadsheet so we can track our reach and see how many schools are on our side. Please also share your story wherever you can to inspire others to go and speak to their headteachers.
  5. Add your voice to our film- if you are feeling brave you can be a part of a film we are creating just by sending in a short video where you complete the sentence ‘I don’t want my child to have the Covid vaccine because…’


Detailed instructions

Action 1 – Spread the word

  • Share this message with any parents who want to keep the ‘V’ out of schools. All the materials are in the same place. A parent only needs get one of the set of 5 and they can join the campaign. Only by strength in numbers and coordinated strategic action will we be heard. We need to keep the pressure on. Tell 10 friends and let them tell 10 and so on. Social media, emails, WhatsApp groups, printed leaflets etc. ANY parent can join this campaign. The notices were served to all secondary schools. ANY parent can follow up with a download the notice, print it out, write in the names of the leadership team and bring into or send into their child’s school. Any parent can add
  • Share that already 7,000 Notices of liability were served over the summer. Let people know we served a Notice of Liability to every secondary school, most colleges and some unis over the summer across all of the UK. This is why the news is talking about legal threats now!
  • Now we are asking parents to step up! Find other people like you that have the nerve to visit their headteachers and speak their concerns, politely but directly.
  • We will help you prepare for a meeting with your headteacher. All materials are supplied.
  • Proceed to Action 2 – Prepare to make a stand


Action 2 – Prepare to make a stand

  • Make an appointment to see your Headteacher in person. When you make the appointment please ask if it is possible for the Deputy Head and/or Chair of Governors or other key decision makers if they can attend as well as the notice of liability was sent to all three over the summer. Ask them to check SPAM if they can’t find it. Try to go to the appointment with someone else if possible.
  • Print out and read everything you will bring to your appointment.

Notice of liability

Informed consent document

Open letter from UK Doctors

UKMFA letter to MHRA

Request for Curriculum materials


  • Watch the videos and/or join one of the coaching sessions to mentally prepare for your appointment. Do some role plays at home about the points you want to raise and how you will respond if they disagree with you. Find the videos under Resources: Action 2 Resources
  • Be clear about what you want out of the appointment. Most important is to present your concerns in a calm and logical manner whilst supporting your rationale with evidence. It is also important to remember to communicate with compassion both for yourself and the other person. The other person you are talking to may already agree with you but may be fearful or professionally compromised and therefore unable to express their true feelings. Equally he/she may not agree with you and may be fearful of the message you are delivering. Ask things like, ‘Do you think that this many recorded deaths from the vaccine is concerning? What if this happened to a child at this school?’ ‘Do you accept that you have a duty of care to keep children safe while at school? Remember wait for the answer to demonstrate mutual respect


Action 3 – Talk to your head teacher

  • Take a friend/partner. On the day of the appointment try not to go alone and remember you are not alone. Hundreds are doing the same to push back against what is happening in schools.
  • Bring the printed materials and Notices of Liability with you. Use them as a guide to the conversation. Ask your head questions like ‘What do you think of this….’ referring to points raised in the documents.
  • Finish the appointment by asking your head how they plan to respond. Ask them if any of the evidence concerned them? Ask them how far would they follow government guidance? Is there any point at which they would say no? In response to your concerns what will they do next? Will they…
  1. A) Commit to keeping the ‘V’ out of school and any medical experiments should be administered off site at suitable medical facilities.
  2. B) Accept their responsibility as ‘in loco parentis’ and promise that they take full responsibility for keeping your child safe while at school, including ensuring that no child will be indoctrinated, coerced or encouraged whatsoever to take part in a clinical medical trial through any curriculum materials AND that fully informed consent is given.
  3. C) Continue to follow government guidance regardless of any potential personal liability and/or the moral and ethical concerns expressed by many UK doctors about the ‘V’ evidenced in the materials we have presented today.

Action 4 – Share with everyone how it went

  • After the meeting, go to the ‘Schools on notice’ spreadsheet to record your headteacher’s response. Please note them as an A, B or C as outlined above and in the spreadsheet.

  • Post on telegram group
  • Share anywhere else you can what happened in your meeting with your headteacher and keep encouraging other parents to do the same.
  • Ask to make a presentation of the same evidence and ethical concerns to the governors at your school.

Action 5 – Add your voice to our film

  • Record a selfie video on your phone showing you completing the sentence “I don’t want my child having the “Cov Id – 19 V accine” because……..”
  • Keep it short Your video should be only around 10 seconds long.
  • Portrait style Make sure you are holding the phone portrait with good lighting & no background noise.
  • How to send video to WeTransfer

Note: Uploading your video is entirely optional and is considered consent for your selfie          video to be used in our non-profit movie. We want to show loads of different people talking    about why they don’t want their children to be used in these medical trials.

  • E-mail address for file-upload to WeTransfer


Links to posts for sharing on social media:

Action 1 Resources


Action 2 Resources

Notice of liability

Informed consent document

Open letter from UK Doctors

UKMFA letter from Dr. June Raine 

Action 3 Resources

Print everything from Action 2

Action 4 Resources

Link to schools on notice spreadsheet

Action 5 Resources

Link to video How-To-Send-Video


Additional Resources for Parents: !!! PLEASE CHECK !!!


UK Government links:

Go to excel document : COVID 19 total announced deaths 09 September 2021 – weekly file. then scroll to deaths by condition tab. The deaths are organised by age and whether or not there were any pre-existing health conditions at the time of death. (These numbers account for deaths in England)


Testimonials & Medical & Legal advice:

Anna De Buisseret:

The vaccine is creating a horrific disease in children:

A British nurse speaks out:

Notice of intended private criminal prosecution, mass murder by government policy:

Graphene oxide found in the vaccine and

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, an experienced trial lawyer licensed in Germany and California (USA) and co-founder of the Corona Investigative Committee, summarizes the Committee’s findings to date and reviews the current status:

What these vaccines do to the brain and other organs:

Dr. Peter McCullough:

Who whistle blower:

Rachel Elnaugh (formerly of Dragon’s Den):

Ex police officer, Mark Sexton:

Receptionist of a large NHS medical practice:

Dr MIke Yeadon:

A perspective on the numbers:

Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi from Germany:

Dr Wakefield :,-IT-IS-IRREVERSIB:4

Professor Dolores:

The spike protein:

Dr. Roger Hodkinson:

They have cooked the books:

Covid Lies, Damned Lies & Statistics:

Peter Hitchens:

46 dead in one nursing home after first shot:

Many dying in Israel after vaccine:

Jump past the tears to 17 min:



What the vaccine really does:

It’s just history repeating: Channel 4 News Exposes Swine Flu Scandal 2009:

Pharma and WHO and the CDC have repeatedly used the same scam: (1976 Swine Flu):

Same again with the Spanish Flu which was actually created by an ‘experimental vaccines’ given to the troops before WW1 and killing 50 to 100 million people:

NHS Staff Were Told The Swine Flu Vaccine Was Safe:

The vast majority of people who became sick with covid also had the flu vaccine prior:

Bill Gates, can reduce reduce population with vaccines by 10 to 15%:

(Most if not all children who are currently falling ill from covid 19 as claimed by the media are actually becoming infected by spike proteins, which are shed by the vaccinated parents and then proceed to replicate once they have entered the child’s body. And this was predicted by many medical experts and doctors more than 14 months ago).



It’s possible to detox with Ivermectin, Lugol’s Iodine, Chaga Mushroom, N-acetylcysteine, Glutathione, Pine Needle Tea, Fennel, Star Anise and Dandelion Tea, which are loaded with Suramin. Many websites are now available providing protocols and methods of detoxification and how to utilise the substances listed above:

Ivermectin: Difficult to obtain it for humans now, but ivermectin has been used for animals and humans over many decades as it’s extremely effective and safe. This is source of the purest Ivermectin available, which takes about 2 weeks to arrive from the U.S with no extra postage costs: or

N-acetylcysteine (NAC):


Pine needle tea:

Siberian chaga mushroom:


Note on legal responsibility

This includes all government actors.

It is all very well for Government actors to say that schools must take responsibility. The government immunity clause only applies to government actors when they are performing their actions in their office in good faith. See the UK case law in Rex v Bembridge which still applies.

This states that public officials will be held liable for breaches of their duties for actions done or for failure to perform certain actions.

All those in government, the police force, the NHS, leadership within schools, the armed forces, the judiciary etc will therefore not be able to claim immunity from liability for any actions done or failures to perform certain actions in circumstances where they have been put on notice of the potential harm to be caused.

Likely that officials in public office (within schools in this context) will certainly not be granted immunity from liability for their actions and omissions and will be held liable for the harm, suffering, loss and or deaths they have caused by permitting Covid vaccinations to children whilst the children are in their care.

That’s why we have the Rule of Law designed in this way.

Failure to take action – omitting to act – to prevent harm is as guilty in law as acting to cause harm.

As a maxim in Law “He who does not prevent what he is able to prevent, is considered as committing the thing” – Black’s Law Dictionary 2nd Edition. No one is above the law.

This is a fundamental principle of the Rule of Law – we are each and every one of us equal in the eyes of the law.


Download the document to serve the teachers yourself!

We also have the vaccine for truth leaflets available for purchase. Click the image below.

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