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Nov 28, 2021 | Activism, Covid-19, Spirituality/Metaphysics

After doing a recent poll it appears the majority of you reading the open1 Telegram channel have been awake 10+ years.

With that amount of experience in alternative topics I can safely put across ideas and concepts that I would consider a little more advanced/fringe.

See what you make of my take on spiritual activism.

Activism is a crucial part of the battle and it’s incredible to see all of the millions of awakened beings in the UK taking action to fight for freedom.

I believe what can also assist us in winning this battle is utilising all tools in our tool box, spiritual activism is another way we can fight, our enemies know the reality creation abilities of our minds, we would be foolish to not know and utilize the power ourselves.

Reality creation in itself is a complex and fascinating subject, this article by Tom Montalk gives a good overview.

In a nutshell, self work can help our activist cause.

Hold the vibe!


Activism is a very crucial part of this fight, but its not the only tool in the box and I do believe it will require everything we can muster to win this. Part of the battle involves the unseen energetic, mental side of reality, you could say its like a war of the mind.

Our enemies know that our state of being has an impact on the external word. Magnify this ability amongst millions and the very fabric of reality can bend.

The real kicker is the whole thing is based on choice, even if at a barely conscious level for some.

Something empowering is though if one can increase their level of being, progress on their own individual evolutionary journey and go through all the tests and trials this brings, it moulds the character into a suitable vessel to be granted more ‘freewill’.

Beings with higher free will have greater reality bending abilities, many in the freedom fighter movement have taken at least the first steps, and this begins to grant the being with more freewill.

We, the awakened, if you like, although smaller in number than the majority who currently buy the narrative, have far greater potential to raise our consciousness and achieve greater levels of freewill and if we can pool this together, we can change things, or perhaps better, we can choose.

Hold the vibe!

An example on how we can assist in a way in this mental war is how we react to the news and what we are thinking about after and expecting to happen!

This requires a good amount of knowledge of self to be able to notice the impulse of fear that can sometimes arise from reading the headlines. With awareness it’s possible to instantly judo flip this sudden impulse of fear into a totally different vibe when you understand the games our enemies play, especially targeting us in the freedom fighter movement, they know we are powerful.

However in the UK we can be a bit cynical sometimes and although this can be a great strength and useful in preparation for what could come, but we forget we have the choice on what comes next. 

What do you choose to experience? What do you want to experience? Do we have to accept any further infringement upon our rights!? NO!

The recent reintroduction of masks to shops and public transport could really be a golden egg in disguise, it’s potentially the easiest act of non compliance that could be thrown to us. Be wary to now go down a fear spiral of ‘oh no now more is for sure going to come’.

That also doesn’t suggest we do nothing, we should always continue to be working on ourself and waking up others!

We can’t now accept that things are now moving in the opposite direction as to where they should be going, which is the removal of all of these Covid measures that are not necessary anymore if the ever truly weere.

Another way to look at this introduction of masks and other ‘minor’ measures right now is like a fisherman casting bait into the collective mental waters hoping for a big bite of fear.

Maintain a positive grounded baseline and carry that round with you.

Then take any physical actions that can assist in anyway of getting the message out there on crucial issues that have a negative effect on humanities awakening. The vaccines for example, vaccine passports or the attempted national roll out of artificial fluoride in the UK.

Now lets look at the metaphysical ways of winning this.

If you have any experience with meditation or reality creation, dedicate some time to do a reality creation session. You could visualise people enjoying life restriction free, or news headlines which in some way represent that things are improving and moving towards more freedom.

Feel what it would be like to be enjoying life restriction free with people. Feel/think the reactions and thoughts you would have upon reading the article of your choice that is relaying the empowering positive information.

I once did this specifically when mask mandates first came in the UK with supermarkets. I could have just accepted that this was going to happen and given up. I didn’t.

Instead I went the full opposite direction, I continually but not obsessively visualised myself walking into the supermarket with no mask and felt what it would be like to have the experience. I then was speaking about it to everyone in my reality, highlighting why its a bad idea I also began to make videos specifically targeting the subject even with my small bubble of influence. ( back then I would be chuffed if a video of mine got to 100 views!)

Lo and behold on the very day of the mask mandate I walked into a supermarket and did my shopping. Even got a video of it! Then exemptions became a thing too. Can’t say I alone can take credit for the creation of them into the timeline as for sure there were many millions who although may not have specifically targeted their mental energies via reality creation, were already emotionally/spiritually/mentally against the idea of masks!

To this day I happily say I have never worn a mask, nor shall I ever and I speak for many others here in the UK!

This is just an example of what I believe is another tool in our tool box that we can use to change things.

Spiritual activism is a multi pronged, transcended way of winning this battle that requires evolved beings. We can all evolve, every day and the journey is vastly different for each.

Reality creation in this active way is only a part of it and it’s using the conscious mind. The other passive way is to have a really high vibe as much as you can, which includes being happy, healthy fulfilled in life and so on there is extensive material available for bettering one’s self so I need not go into it in this article.

The perspective is that in by doing this you are also assisting our fight on the collective metaphysical level which has an impact on the physical or put another way, our self work can be something that assists our activist cause.

Hold the vibe.

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  1. sarah altringham

    fantastic, we are always busy in our house creating and shaping reality in the most expanded, joyful and abundant ways. We can all be a beacon to others of inspiration just by living our best lives. Those that are open enough and ready make their way into your sphere. Throughout lockdown, i have felt compelled because i cycle everywhere to ride with banners on my bike. people always approach me to talk and connect and share their experiences. more recently my messges on the bike are reflecting natural law truths. its quite interesting to observe the responses i receive. thank you for the article, i loved it.



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