Tahra – The Freedom Festival – Exclusive Interview 03.01.22.

Jan 3, 2022 | Activism, Law/Legal

A friend recently contacted me saying as a matter of emergency I should speak to this woman who has been a part of the freedom fighter movement for some time now as she is in a difficult situation and has been hugely unfairly treated by the ‘justice’ system and really needs our support. Her Paypal account has been suspended and she has even had her name put on the international terrorist list.

Tahara from The Freedom Festival shares her story of what she has been doing to help people as well as going public for the first time on what has lead her to now being unfairly treated by the ‘justice’ system here in the UK.

From brutal treatment in prison to psychological/emotional games which seem to be geared up to breaking her spirit as a person.

Our enemies moves are reeking of desperation and one has to wonder, why? Are we becoming to powerful, can they see they are starting to ‘loose’ so are going all out to desperately maintain control?

Watch this exclusive interview and decide for yourself.

Tomorrow we will hear the news whether or not her case will be adjourned and we will speak with Tahara again to give an update.

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  1. John

    Tahra: Problem is that it is not possible to get a clear picture of any individual without face-to-face contact. This makes it difficult to throw full weight behind anybody known only by e-presentation without much background information. The threat of 5 years in prison for such a post (as described in the video above) even under current UK conditions (for someone without previous convictions) requires more of an explanation. Tahra’s video advice of dealing with police at demonstrations in 2020 was sound.

    • Caire

      She seems lik a targeted individual put on watch list, not only for posts of face book inc , as look into http://www.educate-yourself.org gangstalking freemasonry mind control past 13 bloodline families
      I face years many others door.

      Look up brains interface technology why use testing poeple with out consent, its those links to higher ranks in freemasonry with ministry of justice limited company head office petty Frances London.

      I wonder if one knows of trot law trust law, law of the sea’s, as one is ceo,s of public companies and thoer contract out to prvite companies,
      I take it like me, she like others seen to speaking truths ,the darkness in others told to use her , praying 🙏



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