UK Government Shows Continued Desperation With Their Vaccine Campaign With Door To Door Jabs Approved

Dec 26, 2021 | Activism, Covid-19

The UK government is becoming increasingly desperate with their vaccine campaign as door to door jabs are seeing to be approved. One wonders how successful a strategy like this will be, will many of the unvaccinated be converted via this method? Or will it simply harden their stance?

The opportunity now arises that if confronted by these teams we can impart some of our knowledge onto them on why not to take the vaccine, this may actually backfire in some cases. Once some people get a narrative outside of the legacy media they begin to look at things differently, sometimes we just need to ignite the spark of questioning.

Although, let’s be honest, anyone signing up to be a part of these vaccine teams most likely is balls deep in the covid fear narrative, we can at least try.

With millions of UK citizens refusing the vaccine it’s no wonder the governments moves reek of fear and desperation. We see how they fear us, why do they fear us? Are we, the unvaccinated such a threat to them?

Well it appears so, now ask yourself, why are they so scared of us? Much focus has been given to the clear visually noticeable negative potential effects of the vaccine, however, that’s only part of it.

Our enemies fear our spiritual power more than anything else, it’s something totally beyond their control, it just requires we utilise it.  Could it be, as Rudolf Steiner predicted over a century ago, that this vaccine interferes with our spiritual connections?

This Open1 on the ground interview at a recent protest by Shawn, from Cardiff sheds light on this concept.

For those who have so far continued to remain unvaccinated I doubt someone approaching them at home is going to sway them as having stuck to the choice of not taking the vaccine by this point almost certainly indicates there are functioning independent thinking skills which have lead to the clear realisation that there are multiple potential dangers from these vaccines.

Many are willing to quit their jobs in defiance. For sure these brave warriors will receive spiritual compensation for following their path with a heart and not succumbing to the fear narrative, should these mandates even get that far! The narrative is crumbling fast and more awaken everyday.

Our enemies know this, they fear us.



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